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These terms are valid from the 1st of Jan 2020 and replaces all earlier versions.
Breaking Point is a community-led platform covering Call of Duty news, and competitive Call of Duty match information, including Call of Duty League (CDL). creates content, writes news, and publishes match information and gives users from the Call of Duty community an outlet to express themselves.
The use of the Breaking Point site and app are governed by these terms, that you will accept with the creation of the access to the site. You also need to accept our privacy policy when you create your account.
You can stop and change your membership in the profile settings page. Cancellation can happen at any time manually by the user.
The information you enter or in any way share with us will be handled confidentially and will not be given to a third party, unless we are required so by an authority or court of law or if we estimate it reasonable in connection with regulatory requirements.
Any information you send to us or in any other way enter on our website or app (posts, comments, questions, emails and so on) belong to us and can use it freely without any compensation to you.

The users access to own data

The user has access to it's own account and data at any given time. These can be seen on the users profile.
If Breaking Point wishes to close this access to the site, it can be done without any reasons hereof.
By creation of a user you acknowledge that you are 18 of age or above or have consent to this by your parent or guardian.

Updates and maintenance

Breaking Point reserves the right to update and change the site. We strive to implement these updates, so they won't be of any inconvenience of the user. In some cases it can be necessary to close down the access to our website while these updates are made. We strive to the highest possible performance stability, but cannot guarantee for this.

E-mail policy

Breaking Point may send emails, including forgotten password requests, to its users.

Copyright and other incorporeal rights

Unless othewise explicitly stated, Breaking Point owns the copyright and other incorporeal rights to all content on the website or app. All use requires our written consent.
No incorporeal rights or other material on the website is transferred to the user.


Breaking Point’s handling of personal information as data controller is governed by our privacy policy.
Breaking Point can at any time change and update these terms and information of our rights.
These terms will always be available on our websites and apps. Use of our website or app after a change of terms, is considered as the users accept of our changed terms.


Should a dispute arise between the user and, the disagreement is to be settled in Delaware, in the United States.