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The Tactical Recap #31

April 30, 2024 5:02 PM

Welcome back to the Tactical Recap. The top three Call of Duty League storylines of the week. Don’t have enough time to catch all of TacticalRab’s videos? We’ve got you covered! Put a 🌶️🌶️🌶️ in the comments to let us know you’re reading!

The "lil man" BEEF: Sib vs 04

Sound Equalizer, or Sound EQ, has been a major taking point over the past couple of seasons. While the CDL has officially banned the setting, they've been able to lock the setting on LAN but haven't been able to police it online. Players have tried to handle it themselves, but that always leaves some thinking that the opposition is actively using it.

With rumors of many teams using the setting, Sib openly called out Seattle Surge for using Sound EQ, but 04 quickly clapped back. The two sparred on Twitter, with Sib firing off "LMFAO you let 1 win from a top team get to your head I’ll sell my testi’s if I ever lose to y’all again" and 04 giving an instant classic quote "Stop costing ya team lil man". The two will face off in the Major 4 Qualifiers, going to battle on May 31st, but everyone hopes that Seattle & New York meet up at Major 3!

Rab video links:
Sib DRAMA Vs Seattle Cheaters: "Lil Man" Costing NYSL?! 🌶️

Scrappy shuts down OpTic rumor

OpTic is the biggest brand in Call of Duty, without question. With the biggest fandom does come a lot of pressure to win championships and perform at a high level. Its a burden everyone in the organization feels, and when they don't reach the peak fans begin to question everything. While OpTic has had their way with 10 teams in the team, they are winless against Atlanta. They are 0-6 versus FaZe this year, and that has been the focal point even though OpTic is 20-2 against every other team.

Pressure has been building on the roster from fans, even though they finished 3rd at Major 1 and 2nd at Major 2. With Toronto struggling as of late, the prospect of Scrap on the OpTic roster has been a major talking point to take Texas over the last hurdle. After weeks of fans hounding him with questions, Scrap has shut down any OpTic rumors or questions about his future in a recent live stream. While he's currently happy in Toronto, do you foresee a future where Scrap could land in Texas?

Rab video links:
Scrappy RESPONDS to OpTic Rumor, LEAKS NEW Girlfriend Beef?! 🌶️

OpTic getting declined to take over Major 4

Fans were shocked and saddened by the news that Carolina will no longer host Major 4 in Charlotte. Instead, the Call of Duty League will be taking over and hosting the Major in Burbank with no fans in attendance. It's a major blow to the season, as it's the final major of the year leading into Champs. But that wasn't the worst part of the news, as Hecz confirmed that OpTic offered to host the final Major in Texas but the League decided not to go down that path. While we could've had the biggest brand in Call of Duty host a major in front of fans after what's going to be a terrific LAN in Toronto, that will not come to fruition. Do you think the CDL should've allowed OpTic to host both Major 4 & Champs, or would that have been too big of an advantage for the Greenwall.

Rab video links:
OpTic REVEAL CDL Declined Major 4 Host?! 🦈 Sharkzzy

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