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Star of the Day | Major 3 Qualifiers, Wk 4, Day 3

May 5, 2024 11:37 PM

Who was the Star of the Day on May 5th, 2024 in the Call of Duty League?

Multiple players stepped up today in the Call of Duty League to lead their teams to victory. First Lucky led Miami with an 83-64 (1.30) performance, as the Heretics took down the Surge in a 5-map thriller. Then Toronto took care of business with strong form from their AR duo Insight & Scrap.

All three players came up just short of the Star of the Day, which was...

Ghosty | LA Thieves

The Main AR for the LA Thieves stepped up massively against the Boston Breach, finishing with 91 kills and a 1.42 Overall KD. He led the lobby in multiple categories including Kills, KD, Slaying Rating, Damage, Hardpoint KD, SND KD, and many more.

Ghosty started the series going 27-15 (1.80 KD) in map 1 with 4916 damage & 98 seconds of Hill Time. He followed that performance by going 13-6 (2.17 KD) in the SND while leading the lobby with 2,588 damage and going 2-0 in opening duels. Needing to close out the series, Dan went 36-21 (1.71 KD) in the map 4 to put the Breach away. It was a clutch performance by a player proving that he is one of the best ARs in the League.

The Thieves started the year off poorly but have picked it up this Stage. With the victory over the Breach, they now climb into 8th on the Season Standings with 100 CDL Points and are 4th in the Major 3 Qualifers with two matches remaining.