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Star of the Day | Major 3 Day 2

May 18, 2024 1:30 AM

Day 2 of the Toronto Major is done, with five teams being heartbroken as they are eliminated from the tournament. Did our Star of the Day make it to Saturday?

The day began with the Heretics eliminating the Legion behind Vikul going 9-3 (3.00 KD) with 1,471 damage in Map 5. Thieves would follow up with another Game 5 victory against the Boston Breach, as Ghosty finished the series 95-74 (1.28 KD) while leading the lobby with 19,912 damage.

Seattle Surge handle business against the Minnesota Rokkr in the third series of the day, with rookie Abuzah putting down a 1.37 KD (82-60) while leading the lobby with 16,710 damage. Veteran AR duo Clayster & FeLo carried the Royal Raven to a 3-1 victory over the LA Guerrillas, combining for +43 in the series. The final series of the day was the first battle for Top 6. Miami shocked the Thieves 3-1 behind a balanced team performance.

But who was our Star of the Day...

Clayster | Carolina Royal Ravens

Its Clayster!

Clayster led the Royal Ravens over the LA Guerrillas today to earn Carolina a Top 8 seed in the season standings. With all of the bottom 8 teams in the Lower Bracket, Carolina needed to earn points today. Clayster led all players with a 1.46 overall KD on the day. He also led the League in:

Slayer Rating - 105.9
aKD - 1.58
TES Rating - 67.7%
KA/D - 1.67
SND Kills per Round - 1.17
SND KD - 7.00
SND ADR - 312.2

and was in the Top 3 in multiple Hardpoint categories. It was as if time dialed back to 2015 and we were able to witness Advanced Warfare Clay. With the team looking great yet again on LAN, let's see how deep the Royal Ravens can journey into the Weekend.