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Star of the Day | Major 3 Day 1

May 16, 2024 11:12 PM

Day 1 of the Call of Duty Major 3 in Toronto was a banger, but who was the Star of the Day?

While the Upper Bracket gave us four straight 3-1 victories for the teams favored, no series was a clean victory. HyDra led the Subliners to a 3-1 victory over the LA Thieves with a 1.32 KD and 100 kills while setting the kill streak record at 14. Atlanta FaZe then took care of the Miami Heretics 3-1 but did drop their third straight SND. The home team Toronto Ultra put down the young Seattle Surge, with Scrap finishing with 100 kills, a 1.54 overall KD, and a 14-5 performance in the SND. He had one of the strongest cases to be the Star of the Day. Finally, to end the day, OpTic Texas took care of business 3-1 over Carolina behind a balanced performance from their SMG duo. But in the end, the star of the day went to..

aBeZy | Atlanta FaZe

The Tiny Terror had a takeover performance against the Miami Heretics. Fresh off being crowned a Top 2 SMG player this season by the fans, aBeZy continued to show why he deserves that title.

In Map 1, aBeZy went 40-22, leading the entire lobby in kills, KD (1.82), damage (5,844), and BP Rating (1.45). Even though the team lost in map 2, the superstar entry SMG went off. He finished 10-6 (1.67 KD) with 1,708 damage and went 3-1 in the opening duels. After going 25-20 (1.25 KD) in Map 3, Tyler followed it with another strong performance in the final Hardpoint.