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Grading How the New Teams Have Performed in the Major 2 Qualifiers

February 26, 2024 10:28 PM

The Call of Duty League has completed two weeks of Major 2 Qualifiers with the Rio being added to the map pool. With the new meta, the matches are some of the most competitive yet with Minnesota taking Toronto & Texas to a map 5 while New York clutched up against Atlanta. With each team playing at least two matches, let’s check in to see how the teams with new rosters have done so far.

Las Vegas

Roster Changes: Standy released, Gio signed as AR, Purj moved to the SMG position
M2Q Record: 2-1 Series Record (4th Seed), 7-6 Map Record
Next Match: Saturday, March 2nd vs Boston at 3:00 pm EST

Las Vegas has looked completely rejuvenated with its new roster. Attach currently has a 1.15 overall KD this qualifier with a 1.22 in SND and 1.45 in Control. Dillon was a one-man army against the Guerrillas, finishing 87-61 (1.43 KD) to will the Legion to a 3-2 win. Nero has also performed incredibly in the new team, having a 1.20 KD in the qualifiers with a 1.11 or better in every single mode. He exploded against the Heretics, going 94-67 (1.40 KD) overall and 31-14 (2.21 KD) in the control. The only question currently is around Purj. He looked a lot more comfortable in the SMG position and showed some pace. His individual statistics still weren’t great but with the rest of the team, including rookie Gio, performing great they won’t need him to slay at a high level. They are the team to watch the rest of the qualifiers.

Grade: A-


Roster Changes: Capsidal released, Asim signed as SMG
M2Q Record: 2-1 Series Record (5th Seed), 6-6 Map Record
Next Match: Saturday, March 2nd vs Las Vegas at 3:00 pm EST

The Breach made a major change bringing in Asim to the roster in place of Capsidal after their struggles in Stage 1. Snoopy played terrific over the opening two weekends, finishing with a 1.10 overall KD. He had a positive KD in all three modes and led the team with a 1.16 KD in Hardpoint. SlasheR continued his run of excellent form from the Major, currently sitting at a 1.07 overall KD with a 1.12 in Hardpoint and 1.17 in SND. With the new roster, the concern will solely be around their ability to slay. Each veteran has experience and will structure the team to play with great fundamentals, but when they play the top team who will be the slayer that will step up. The obvious candidate is the rookie Snoopy but the series against New York didn’t inspire hope for matches against the top 4 teams. 

Grade: B+


Roster Changes: Cammy released, JoeDeceives benched, Nastie & Kremp signed
M2Q Record: 1-1 Series Record (7th Seed), 3-5 Map Record
Next Match: Sunday, March 3rd vs Minnesota at 6:00 pm EST

After having a disaster of a Stage to begin the season, the Thieves made sweeping changes to their starting roster. Both Cammy & JoeDeceives were removed in favor of Nastie & Kremp. The move came in an attempt to increase the slaying power of the roster after they finished 1-12 in Hardpoint in Stage 1. While Nastie struggled against Texas, he finished with a 1.13 KD against Miami. The Englishman had a 1.67 KD in the SND including going 10-6 (1.67) with 2108 damage in the Map 5 victory. Kremp has struggled so far, finishing with a 0.77 KD against Texas and 0.87 KD versus Miami. With Ghosty leading the team with a 1.08 KD through two matches, and both SMGs below a 0.90 KD, the pressure will be on them to increase form quickly. JoeDeceives has been making noise in the Challengers scene already, with a 1.27 overall KD in the first week of the Elite. The next three matches against Minnesota, Atlanta, and Las Vegas will show more accurately where the Thieves truly rank in the CDL.

Grade: C+


Roster Changes: JurNii benched, EriKBooM moved from the bench to starting SMG, ReeaL signed as an additional substitute
M2Q Record: 0-4 Series Record (12th Seed), 5-12 Map Record
Next Match: Sunday, March 3rd vs New York at 3:00 pm EST

With their own Major next on the schedule, this qualifier has been a disaster for the Heretics. They are currently 0-4 with matches against New York, Carolina, and Minnesota left over the next three weeks. After two weeks, no Miami has a positive KD and rookie EriKBooM hasn’t looked comfortable on the roster. He sits at a 0.84 overall KD with KD splits of 0.86 in Hardpoint, 0.70 in SND, and 0.87 in Control. The team struggles certainly aren’t all on him, as every player has had a sharp regression this stage, and morale looks at an all-time low. Questions have arisen around how and why JurNii was benched from the team and whether the players themselves agreed with the move. Unless Miami can right the ship rapidly and go undefeated in the rest of the qualifier, this will be the second straight Major the home team will start in the Lower Bracket.

Grade: F


Roster Changes: iLLeY in the void, Breszy signed as SMG, Abuzah moved to the AR position
M2Q Record: 0-2 Series Record (10th Seed), 1-6 Map Record
Next Match: Friday, March 1st vs Toronto at 4:30 pm EST

The Seattle Surge made a roster move going into the Major 2 Qualifier to bring in Abuzah’s old teammate, Breszy. With the move, Abuzah got to move to his traditional AR role, while Breszy filled the SMG position with Huke. That part of the roster move is great for the roster, as it will make Abuazh more comfortable and back into the role he flourished in during Modern Warfare 2. The questions arise from why iLLeY was benched and what his position with the team is now. We won’t touch on possible reasons for his benching here, but with his departure, the team has not performed well. They fell to the New York Subliners 0-3 and then to the Carolina Royal Ravens 1-3. Their respawn play has continued to look dreadful while the SND form has stayed sharp. It is unknown if the team is still blacklisted from practice against pro teams, but they will need to completely revamp their respawn play if they wish to not start in the Lower Bracket at Major 2 in Miami.

Grade: F