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What is BPL?
BPL is where the top players in competitive Call of Duty will compete against each other for the lion’s share of the $5,000 prize pool. Players will play matches to earn elo and climb up the ladder over the two-week split.
Who will be competing in BPL?
Players from each of the 12 professional teams will be invited to compete, along with select top amateur and retired professional players. This will create a diverse and extremely talented group of players to compete against. Viewers can go to the BPL tab on the website navigation to see a live leaderboard once the split starts detailing every player's record, win rate, and elo.
How can I compete in BPL if I’m not a pro player?
We recently announced BPL-C for competitive Call of Duty players below the professional level. We currently offer BPL-C in the US and Canada (NA), Europe (EU), Middle East & North Africa (MENA), and Asia Pacific (APAC).

UPDATE (Nov. 25, 2023): currently BPL-C NA and BPL-C EU areinvite onlyand only accepting top Challengers players until we figure out how to accommodate player demand. This is being done to maintain matchmaking quality. For BPL-C NA and BPL-C EU invites, please DM EasyMac on Twitter.

Join the BPL-C Discord for your region to play!
BPL-C Middle East North Africa (MENA):
BPL-C Asia Pacific (APAC):
Why compete in BPL?
This ladder will tackle two major issues that professional players must deal with at the start of each season. Each season the competitive ruleset goes through major shifts as players work through the new aspects of the new game. This is compounded by the lack of ranked play at the beginning of the game’s life cycle or much high-level competition in respawn modes until scrimmages start. This will allow players to play competitive respawn while testing the ruleset against only the best competitors.
When will BPL begin?
The split is scheduled to begin on Friday, November 17th at 7:00 pm EST. It will go continuously until Sunday, December 3rd at 11:45 pm EST, giving players just over two weeks to accumulate as much elo as possible.
Where can viewers watch BPL matches?
BreakingPoint will be broadcasting select matches across YouTube and Twitch, with special fight night matches on Friday nights. Players participating in BPL can also stream matches across their channels, whether playing or in CoDCaster. Viewers can also expect countless content across all of Breaking Point’s channels.
What is the Prize Pool?
Total Prize Pool is $5,000