Los Angeles Guerrillas offer to pay Brack's final month's salary

Call of Duty player for the Dallas Empire Ian “Crimsix” Porter leveled several allegations against CoD franchise Toronto Ultra, including poor compensation and restrictive leave policies, he said on Sep 24, 2020.

Crimsix claimed that the Toronto Ultra “forced their full roster of 10 to stay in Toronto in the middle of a pandemic. Threatening to not pay non-starters if they went home.” He further detailed that Carson “Brack” Newberry “had to fight Ultra to return home” to be with his family during a difficult medical procedure. Brack confirmed in a tweet that Ultra refused to pay him for the final month of his CDL contract because he was not in Toronto. In response to Crimsix’s allegations, Toronto released a statement titled “The Truth about Brack”. Later the same day, Brack released his own statement. He said that despite providing a medical diagnosis urging him not to travel, Toronto tried to “force [him] to come back to Toronto” in order to receive his salary.

Breaking Point spoke to Brack this week. He said “Los Angeles Guerrillas reached out and offered to cover the part that Ultra didn’t. I didn’t expect it at all, but it was so generous for them to offer. Can’t say enough about what Guerrillas did for me in this situation.”

This series of grievances follow rumors earlier in this season of similar disputes between Ultra and veteran players Nicholas “Classic” DiCostanzo and Daniel “Loony” Loza related to the Ultra’s strict geolocation policy which required all players to remain in Toronto for the season.

Competitive CoD is no stranger to organizations that have withheld payment and taken advantage of players. Despite CDL growing pains, this gesture from Los Angeles Guerrillas is certainly a step in the right direction.